Running with Linux

Here is a collection of my notes and journal on setting up Linux for daily use.

Currently, I use an Acer Switch Alpha 12 as my daily driver. This is a 2-in-1 laptop that comes with a detachable keyboard, a’la MS Surface TypeCover style. Setting up Linux to run correctly on this piece of hardware comes with its own interesting challenges.

While running Linux on a regular laptop or desktop already has plenty of compatibility quirks to work with, I soon discovered that running Linux on a modern 2-in-1 detachable comes with its own set of usability challenges. Beyond dealing with driver issues, secure boot, and hardware support, comes Hi-DPI, touchsreen support, multi-monitor, tablet mode, battery life and other fun stuffs included.

Beyond the hardware compatibility, comes the usability concern.

I realized that a modern 2-in-1 brings out a higher expectation from me against Linux. What ever feature this fancy new toy has, I want to exploit it on Linux. I have always used Linux as a server, laptop, desktop OS, never in a tablet device. I never even thought that the tablet space has any value for Linux to be good at (except for Android), until now. Now that I actually have a fancy new 2-in-1, I suddenly have the urge to want to see Linux to succeed in this space too.

This also opens up a new opportunity. There are plenty of Distros out there that I haven’t tried for a while. It’d be fun to test them out as well, experiment and tinker with on this type of machine.

Here’s a list of articles depicting my experience working with Linux on a modern 2-in-1. Enjoy.

  1. Acer Switch Alpha 12. My thought process of choosing this laptop, and how this 2-in-1 thing became an interest. (Link)
  2. Running Fedora 25 Beta release on the Switch Alpha. I demo this distro with Gnome Desktop, and things that I managed to get working. (Link)

More content coming.

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