Tweaking Fedora 26 Beta on the Acer Switch Alpha 12

Update: I had to rename this post to tweaking Fedora 26, instead of Running Fedora 26. There is too much to cover in terms of post-installation tweaks alone, that it warrants its own post. I’ll cover actual usage and review in another post.

Fedora 26 has just released Beta recently. I have recently done a post on how installation works on this device. You can check that out. Quick version, I made some choices, and it went well. Awesome!

For this review, I’m going to walk through a few extra steps to get this working on my laptop correctly.

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Installing Fedora 26 Beta on the Acer Switch Alpha 12

Fedora 26 has just reached Beta stage, and the Fedora team has made a Beta release, about a week ago. Fedora Linux distro has an ‘almost’ regular release cycle of every 6 months, and every release usually comes with a newer Gnome Shell version, a newer Libreoffice suite, bumped up packages, and improvements all around.

I have always been a fan of the Gnome Shell desktop environment. I think it looks good, and fits well with my usage behavior. I have also found it to be ideal to use Fedora Linux because Fedora defaults to ship with Gnome in a pretty usable and stable package, and usually has a pretty updated version of it. With a regular release cycle, I feel like it is important to keep updated with the latest version of Fedora, to get the best of what Fedora and Gnome has to offer.

This recent Fedora release provides me with an opportunity to do a review of this new release, while waiting for the full release. I will cover some of the installation, and general usability.

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