DNS Servers ip addresses

sg-dns1.bancuh.com (Singapore)
Do53-ipv6: 2400:6180:0:d0::f7:1001
DoT: sg-dns1.bancuh.com
DoH: https://sg-dns1.bancuh.com/dns-query
logs: http://sg-dns1.bancuh.com:8080/

sg-dns2.bancuh.com (Singapore)
Do53-ipv6: 2400:6180:0:d0::f5:7001
DoT: sg-dns2.bancuh.com
DoH: https://sg-dns2.bancuh.com/dns-query
logs: http://sg-dns2.bancuh.com:8080/

fr-dns1.bancuh.com (France)
Do53-ipv6: 2001:bc8:600:705::1
DoT: fr-dns1.bancuh.com
DoH: https://fr-dns1.bancuh.com/dns-query
logs: http://fr-dns1.bancuh.com:8080/

fr-dns2.bancuh.com (France)
Do53-ipv6: 2001:bc8:608:2054::1
DoT: fr-dns2.bancuh.com
DoH: https://fr-dns2.bancuh.com/dns-query
logs: http://fr-dns2.bancuh.com:8080/

jp-dns1.bancuh.com (Tokyo)
Do53-ipv6: 2400:8902::f03c:92ff:fe3e:46cd
DoT: jp-dns1.bancuh.com
DoH: https://jp-dns1.bancuh.com/dns-query
logs: http://jp-dns1.bancuh.com:8080/

Option 1: Router Setup

  1. Open your home router admin page
  2. Set your WAN dns servers to the ip addresses above.
    Choose either ipv4 or ipv6 addresses, depending on your network type.
  3. Set your LAN-DHCP dns server to your home router ip address
  4. Reboot every device on the network
  5. Enjoy ad-free browsing experience, on every device on the network

Option 2: Laptop/PC

  1. Open your laptop/PC network settings. This will differ between each OS
  2. Set your dns servers to the ip addresses above
  3. Restart your laptop/PC
  4. Enjoy ad-free browsing experience, on every device on the network

Option 3: Android via Private DNS (DoT)

  1. Open your Android Settings, go to Settings -> Connection and Sharing -> Private DNS. The navigation might differ on different phone brands.
  2. Set it to a custom value. Use any of the DoT value from above
  3. Enjoy ad-free browsing experience on your phone

How to view DNS query logs

  1. Find out which dns server you are using
  2. Visit the logs page on that dns server. See the logs value from above
  3. The logs should display the recent DNS queries from your current ip address, and the respective server responses