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  1. Eden Reply

    This site has always had a lot of ads, can you stop him?
    PS.He must use the mobile version before he can enter.

  2. Valik Reply

    1. How I can add in Android or IOS devices your DNS server by default?
    2. When you create option use crypt DNS request?

  3. Enrico Reply

    somehow the Paris DNS Server seems to “block” my domain for my HomeAssistant, it work great for few hour and then no more. If i change the dns back to it works fine. Can you do something for it? Thanks

    • Hi Enrico,

      Sorry for the late reply.
      You mention is being blocked? I made the query and it seems to be working.

      Is this only for your HomeAssistant? How about for laptop or phone, is it working?

      Can you try to access it again, and then open the following links from the same network as your HomeAssistant?

      It should show some logs about which DNS queries were served, and which were blocked. Paste the logs here and maybe we can figure out what dns domain was being blocked.

  4. Pritam Reply

    Hello ! Would you like to launch your DNS server for India ?

  5. Omer Shraibshtein Reply

    Hello Ragib,

    I’m working for a cybersecurity company named BGProtect, and I’m concerned that your adblocker is blocking some of my customer’s domains as follows:

    Those domains are not related to any giving sort of spam, or ads, so your service can mistakenly affect my customer’s clients who rely on the services given to them from those domains.

    Therefore, I will thank you if you can remove those domains from your blacklist.

    Best regard, Omer.
    BGProtect Ltd

    • Hi Phan Luc Hoa.

      I checked that page, and it says the servers are in Singapore and Australia, not Vietnam. It will not perform well for you.

      I received suggestion in this issue ticket:
      for, maybe I will consider that.

      However, if you have suggestion for other VPS providers, do post on that issue page.

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