Hi There. WELCOME!

Welcome to this site. This is my personal blog where I discuss tech and give out random rants.

I also plan to display current tech projects on this site.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Ragib, and I am a tech geek. I am all about learning technology, and using it to share information.

During the day, I work as a Software Developer at a local IT company. Currently, I mainly work with web development using Python, Django, Html, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I also work extensively with React Native framework, for mobile app development. I hope to do some work in React JS as well, to gain a bit more front-end development experience. I also hope to dive a bit deeper into DevOps, Linux administration and container orchestration work.

As you can see, my development stack is less Enterprise-y, and more Open Source-ish.

I love doing what I do, and am one of the lucky few to end up getting paid for it.

When I am free, I use my time to learn as much about technology as possible, and also tinker with some side projects. Currently, I am interested in web and micro-services hosting, and the Linux OS. My focus is mainly on tech that I can deploy right away, to complement my current workflow.

I hope you have as much fun browsing the site, as I did writing them. Feel free to browse the site and drop a comment. I welcome any suggestions you might have for the site.

– Ragib –


  1. Eden Reply

    Does the DNS still work?

    • Hi,
      I believe the dns should still work. I haven’t updated them in a while, but it should still run.

      • Eden Reply

        Can you provide an email?
        Because some ad slots are not blocked.

    • Hi Eden,

      Thanks for reminding me. I’ve updated the dns server just now. Should work better.

    • Hi Eden,

      I added these domains to my blacklist. I am not sure of the impact though. I have not visited any sites that show ads from any of these servers.
      Please test them yourself, and inform me the outcome.



  2. Devilet Reply

    Can you unblock adult content and just leave ads blocked?

    • Hi Devilet,

      Thanks for reaching out. I will consider unblocking adult content.
      It’s gonna cost me extra to run separate servers, so let me think about it first.

  3. Eden Reply

    Can you fine-tune your filtering rules?

    You can add these two rules:

    Regarding EnergizedProtection, you can consider using two alternatives:

    blahdns’ “blacklist.txt” can be removed because the content “adsblock.txt” seems to contain it.

    thank you.

    • Hi Eden,

      I created an issue on github to track this. https://github.com/ragibkl/adblock-dns-server/issues/15
      Thanks for feedback on the two new rules. I will try adding them.
      Thanks for feedback on the blahdns. I will remove blahdns blacklist.txt

      Regarding EnergizedProtection, I think I’m using blu now. It should be pretty balanced.
      Why do you want me to switch to Spark? is blu too strict?
      I can add EnergizedProtection->Porn list as well.

      • Eden Reply

        There is no other reason, but if you can, you can consider using the unified version, because the content is complete and rich.


        thank you!

  4. Eden Reply

    There is no other reason, but if you can, you can consider using the unified version, because the content is complete and rich.


    thank you!

    • Hi Eden,

      Thanks to your suggestion, this is done now. The block list is much bigger now.
      In future, do keep the suggestion coming if you have any.

  5. Eli Reply

    Hello Ragib ,

    I dont know much about network stuff but thanks for keeping this dns updated , I just tested on random sites and it blocked like 99% of ads .


  6. No name Reply

    How to disable safe searches ?

    • Hi, it cannot be disabled. The safe search is active for all users.
      The only way to disable safe-search is to setup a separate server with safe-search disabled.
      I don’t want to do that right now, because that will cost me extra.

      Maybe when I’m rich and have lots of users, I’ll setup non-safe-search servers as well!

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