Hi There. WELCOME!

Welcome to this site. This is my personal blog where I discuss tech and give out random rants.

I also plan to display current tech projects on this site.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Ragib, and I am a tech geek. I am all about learning technology, and using it to share information.

During the day, I work as a Software Developer at a local IT company. Currently, I mainly work with web development using Python, Django, Html, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I also work extensively with React Native framework, for mobile app development. I hope to do some work in React JS as well, to gain a bit more front-end development experience. I also hope to dive a bit deeper into DevOps, Linux administration and container orchestration work.

As you can see, my development stack is less Enterprise-y, and more Open Source-ish.

I love doing what I do, and am one of the lucky few to end up getting paid for it.

When I am free, I use my time to learn as much about technology as possible, and also tinker with some side projects. Currently, I am interested in web and micro-services hosting, and the Linux OS. My focus is mainly on tech that I can deploy right away, to complement my current workflow.

I hope you have as much fun browsing the site, as I did writing them. Feel free to browse the site and drop a comment. I welcome any suggestions you might have for the site.

– Ragib –


  1. Eden Reply

    Does the DNS still work?

    • Hi,
      I believe the dns should still work. I haven’t updated them in a while, but it should still run.

      • Eden Reply

        Can you provide an email?
        Because some ad slots are not blocked.

    • Hi Eden,

      Thanks for reminding me. I’ve updated the dns server just now. Should work better.

    • Hi Eden,

      I added these domains to my blacklist. I am not sure of the impact though. I have not visited any sites that show ads from any of these servers.
      Please test them yourself, and inform me the outcome.



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